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Lung Cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. Unfortunately, most lung cancers are found at either an advanced or metastatic stage. A large National study using low dose CT lung scans found that if the cancer was discovered and treated at an earlier stage, before symptoms occurred, the death rate would be greatly reduced.

Most lung cancers are first diagnosed based on symptoms. Symptoms of lung cancer are not very specific and generally reflect damage to the lungs’ ability to function normally. The most common symptoms are a worsening cough that will not go away, and chest discomfort. Other symptoms include shortness of breath, spitting up small amounts of blood, unexplained weight loss, back pain, loss of appetite and a general fatigue.

Lung cancer usually is not diagnosed until a patient has symptoms, and by then the survival rate is very low.

So, what can I do, then?

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You will have your lungs evaluated by a low-dose CT scan. This is a painless and non-invasive X-ray scan that allows the lungs to be seen in great detail.

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