BOX: Scanning for An Early Cure

Recent studies have shown conclusively that detecting lung cancers at a very early stage, before they cause any symptoms, can result in a surprisingly high rate of survival. The best way to detect these early cancers is to screen those who are at risk with computerized tomography, or CT scans. A lung scan is completed in the time it takes to hold one breath, less than 10 seconds. The scan uses a low dose of radiation and no IV contrast material is required.

NorthBay Medical Center and NorthBay Cancer Center are sponsoring a low-cost lung cancer screening CT for patients of the NorthBay Center for Primary Care who meet the “high-risk” criteria defined in a national screening protocol. This includes being an ex-smoker between the ages of 55 to 74 and having a 30-pack a year history. The cost is $265 and includes the CT scan and a review of the scan by a physician. The results are also reviewed by the multi-disciplinary lung tumor board at the cancer center.

For further information, please call (707) 646-4008.